Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Garden

In April my Dad came and rota-tilled a 35x6 foot area in our back yard and helped Sky mix in mulch. We knew it was big but I wasn't worried I can barely keep wild flowers alive so I was just trying to compensate for my Black Thumb. Starting with the hopes to not kill anything we planted twice as much.

(about 2 weeks after our first planting)

(about 5-6 weeks)
We were holding our breath in a totally different way... it's in Delight! Sky already moved the gate so things have room to grow.

Our First Zucchini was huge. We saw it one day and it was a little thing and in about 4 days it more than doubled in size.And now most of the vine plants are pushing their boundaries. I'm a little overwhelmed. There is no doubt that we have to move the gate again. Who needs a backyard when you can have pumpkins, 3 kinds of cucumbers, squash (zucchini & yellow), watermelon (yellow & red) and cantaloupe vines all over the place. It's going to be our very own jungle.

We also have
Tomatoes (roma & cherry), sunflowers, green beans, peas, strawberries, corn, bell peppers (red, yellow, green), carrots. Our spinach bolted right after we planted it because I think it got too warm.

The kids LOVE to work in the garden which is good in some ways like weeding but not so good in the keeping plants planted. Hehe, mostly it's Coen but she's getting better as the plants are getting bigger. We usually have to take baths after or wash off in the sprinklers after the family gardening sessions. We love our garden! It brings us Joy... I can't turn the picture for some reason so it's turned clockwise. So if you want to see the veggie fun, turn your head to the right.

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